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Analogue Tape Glove is a sonically explorative device and installation that examines the reappropriation of cassette tape technology for use as an instrument, continuing an ongoing investigation into the creative potential of obsolete or ‘dead media’.

Analogue Tape Glove is literally hands-on. Wearing a modified glove with a magnetic tape head embedded in one finger, the viewer is encouraged to make contact with a brown-striped panel hanging on the wall. The panel is actually composed of hundreds of carefully applied strips of found magnetic audiotape. Many of these strips are the ubiquitous cassette tape. Even those not familiar with this old technology quickly realize the sound emerging from the speakers derives from contact with the tape. Squeaks, riffs and feedback whines are coaxed forth by contacting finger to strip and then running it up and down. Uncanny and sometimes recognizable remnants of music and subtle voice fragments emerge from the surface.


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